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*Somewhere Over The Rainbow* [entries|friends|calendar]
Judy Garland

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132 Classic Hollywood [May 4, 10:54 am]

[70]   Men of Classic Hollywood: Alan Alda, Fred Astaire, Humphrey Bogart, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby, Tony Curtis, James Dean, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly, Bob Hope, Burt Lancaster, Laurence Olivier, Gregory Peck, Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, John Wayne

[72]   Ladies of Hollywood: June Allyson, Lauren Bacall, Leslie Caron, Cyd Charisse, Ava Gardner, Judy Garland, Lena Horne, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh, Sofia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood


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Icons: The Wizard of Oz [September 22, 7:16 pm]

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My very first attempt at icon-making... please be kind!




Follow the Yellow Brick Road to see the rest...

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Judy Garland - 40th Deathiversary Picspam [June 22, 8:52 am]


Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.Collapse )
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Wizard of Oz Icontest Community [November 24, 11:33 pm]


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Apologies beforehand if not allowed
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June 10th, 1922 [June 11, 5:46 pm]


So I definately did not realize that yesterday was the tenth!!!! 

Soo...one day late...

Happy 86th Birthday to Frances Ethel Gumm (Judy Garland)! 

On June 10th, 1922, a legend was born. Frances Ethel Gumm was the youngest of three daughters born to Frank Gumm and Ethel Marion Milne. Soon, "Baby" Gumm joined her sisters who appeared at her father's theatre in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and at three years old performed for the first time. In 1935, Judy Garland signed with MGM. At 13 years old, she was somewhere stuck in the middle between a child and adult star. Although paired with Mickey Rooney in the Andy Hardy series, Judy's big break would come in 1938, when she was cast as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Judy won an Academy Juvenile Award for this role in 1940. After The Wizard of Oz, Judy became one of MGM's biggest stars until her last role with MGM, Summer Stock. After, Judy's A Star is Born was a huge hit, having made it on her own. On June 22, 1969, Judy passed leaving behing three children and an amazing legacy.

All that is just facts though, and none of that describes what Judy Garland means to me. I've laughed at her songs, cried at her songs. Since I was a little girl I've been mesmerized by the overwhelming prescence she has, on screen and simply through a pair of Sony boombox speakers. To say that her music has changed my life wouldn't even describe it. Her music has molded my life. My favorite song to hear her sing is Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm". I could have the absolute worst day and listen to that song and feel so much better.

I feel like everyone needs something to be passionate about. Although I have also grown to fall completely in love with Gone With the Wind and Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland was the first person that I couldn't get enough of. I've seen more than half of her films, purchased the ones that I could as well as CDs of her music. Since the age of 6 I have put on her music and danced and sang around the house at the top of my lungs, although Lord knows I can't sing! And to this day, at age 18, I still belt out her songs (now when noone is home, of course). She overcame so much, but eventually had to succumb to her saddening drug abuse, brought about by grueling hours of work as a young child on the sets at MGM. 

I wish more than anything that I had been able to meet Judy Garland. If not that, at least have lived in a time period where I could go to the "picture show" or turn on the radio and hear her singing "You Made Me Love You" to a picture of Clark Gable. Although I will never have the chance to meet Judy Garland, or I'm sure any of her relatives, she is still as real to me as anyone else I know. Her legacy will live on forever and I don't think anyone will forget the little girl with the very big voice.

I've always taken 'The Wizard of Oz' very seriously, you know. I believe in the idea of the rainbow. And I've spent my entire life trying to get over it.

 Cross-postred at a few communities and my personal journal.
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"The Wizard of Oz" Screen Caps [June 8, 10:45 pm]
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Specs, Rules, Samples and Download

Comment if you take (o:

Here @

In celebration of today... [March 17, 5:20 pm]

Here's Judy Garland singing "It's a Great Day for the Irish" in Little Nellie Kelly!
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Never listen to Judy while feeling melancholy, or you'll write a tl ; dr letter to her. [July 13, 2:15 am]

Yeah, I got melancholy, so what did I do? I listened to the Alone album, which, naturally, is melancholy itself. So I ended up writing a melancholy letter to Judy to post at dear_you. I'm posting it here too.

Letter under the cut.Collapse )

No, fortunately, I did not cry while writing it, or I'd really have had to turn off Judy and walk away from the computer a little bit. :P
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ICONS: Judy Garland - 26 Icons [June 30, 9:33 am]

1. Credit me if you use them.
2. 1-13 can be customized any way you want, such as adding textures, text, colorizing, etc.
3. You may add text to any of the icons 14-26, but please do not alter them in any other way.
4. Cropping to 98 X 98 and then adding a border to stay within the 100 X 100 guidelines does not count as altering, so I don't care if you do that.
5. No hotlinking.
6. Pics come from Judy Garland Database. Textures come from Color Filter.



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Judy Garland picspam! [April 24, 7:08 am]


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32 The Clock Icons + Extras [April 15, 2:08 pm]

I'm new to this community so I wanted to share these.

32 icons, 4 love bars and 2 wallpapers from the 1945 Vincent Minnelli film, The Clock, starring Judy Garland in her first dramatic role opposite the absolutely adorable Robert Walker. This has very quickly become one of my favorite films of all time. It is the story of what happens to a boy (Walker) and a girl (Garland) over the course of 48 hours when the meet by accident in war time NYC.

The icons are over here @ ogeecons 


( Darling, you're coming back... )
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[April 9, 3:16 pm]

I bought this today, used for $8. *Took up most of the money I got for selling some stuff at the used CD/DVD/VHS/LP/comic/magazine/etc. shop, but SO worth it.*

They also had the A Star Is Born soundtrack for $10, and it had NEVER been opened, except for a piece of plastic coming off on the side. I would have bought it too had I gotten more money, but I had to choose between the two, and I chose this. Absolutely worth it. The sound quality is great, the liner notes are awesome, and Judy just shines on every track.
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Icons. [April 7, 11:41 am]

[4]Judy Garland
[3]Patricia Clarkson
[1]Nicole Kidman

hereCollapse )
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[April 1, 8:27 pm]

OH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I found torrents for several good Judy box sets and compilations at Demonoid! I'm currently downloading the OOP Complete Decca Masters box set. SO MUCH LOVE! I plan on downloading the OOP Duets 2-Disc set with the Palace concert, the OOP One And Only box set, and Judy In Hollywood. I've been so deprived of teh Judy love! D:
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Which do you prefer? [January 18, 9:39 am]

Over The Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz original version or later concert performances/studio recordings?

I have to say, I prefer the Carnegie Hall concert version and the London Sessions recording of the song more than the original film version. I love to listen to the Oz version when watching the movie or listening to the soundtrack, but when I just want to hear Judy sing the song, I go for some of her later performances of it. They have so much more emotion, and it has a different meaning when Judy sang it later in life than it did when she sang it as a young'un. Hearing her voice, ravaged by time and hardships but still as strong and emotive as ever, singing the lyrics just adds so much more depth than was there when she sang it in '39. (I have a similar love affair with Joni Mitchell's 2000's recording of Both Sides Now. I don't like her original at all, but I LOVE the version that's in Love Actually, because hearing her deeper, time-worn voice singing those lyrics adds so much more depth to the song than was there when she'd recorded it years before. But that's getting off the topic of Judy...)
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Hello :) [November 24, 6:38 pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Name:: Christina
Age:: 15
AIM Screen Name (Optional):: Christinanina077
Age you began to like Judy:: 5
Favorite Judy Song(s):: Somewhere over the rainbow, The Trolley Song, and others
Favorite Judy Movie(s):: The Wizard of Oz
Favorite “Judy Years”:: All XD
Favorite Judy Co-Star(s):: Gene Kelly
Judy Movies You Own:: Meet Me In St. Louis, The Wizard Of Oz, In The Good Old Summer Time, The Ziegfeld Girl, The Harvey Girls, A Star is Born, For Me and my Gal
Other Information:: I love Disney and Broadway XD

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[October 9, 8:49 pm]
[1-10] - Judy Garland
[11-18] - Björk

* Comment if taking any
* Credit dreambattery or lemonade_icons
* Caps by me
* No hotlinking


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[September 4, 9:48 pm]

Name::Kristina but you can call me Krissy
AIM Screen Name (Optional)::xo_punkyboho_xo i'm always on.
Age you began to like Judy:: i pretty much always liked her, but recently i like got really obsessed. hehe =]
Favorite Judy Song(s):: The Trolly Song!!Get Happy, I Can't Give You Anything But Love. 
Favorite Judy Movie(s):: In The good Old Summertime, Meet Me In St. Louis.
Favorite “Judy Years”:: umm..idk.
Favorite Judy Co-Star(s):: Mikey Roony. Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Fred Astaire
Judy Movies You Own:: Meet Me In St. Louis, The Wizard Of Oz, In The Good Old Summer Time, The Ziegfeld Girl, The Harvey Girls, A Star is Born, For Me and my Gal, Love Finds Andy Hardy. I have the Judy Garland signature collection.
Other Information:: umm....idk.
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[August 1, 4:23 am]

Anyone have Till The Clouds Roll By? How is it? Is Judy in it much at all? I have a copy of a DVD my uncle bought at the $1 DVD bins you find at stores (It must be in the public domain.) but I haven't watched it yet.
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Re-Joining [July 24, 12:52 pm]

[ mood | content ]

Name:: Tim
Age:: 21
AIM Screen Name (Optional):: goldenera1939
Age you began to like Judy:: 19 (got addicted to the Carnegie Hall album and there was no turning back)
Favorite Judy Song(s):: Gah, so many! The whole Carnegie Hall album, and also songs like Smile, Old Man River, As Long As He Needs Me, etc...
Favorite Judy Movie(s):: A Star is Born is my ultimate fave, but I also love In The Good Ol' Summertime, Meet Me in St. Louis, Easter Parade, and The Pirate
Favorite “Judy Years”:: the 50's and 60's! I love her Capitol Records and T.V. Show. Her voice just rips my heart out in that era.
Favorite Judy Co-Star(s):: Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire
Judy Movies You Own:: to many to mention....most of them except the Mickey Rooney ones (or any of her "little girl" ones) and the guest appearance ones like Til The Clouds Roll By, Words and Music, etc.
Other Information:: I'd really like to meet lots of fellow Judy fans! Send me a message or comment if you'd like to talk!

3 heart Judy!

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