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Which do you prefer?

Over The Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz original version or later concert performances/studio recordings?

I have to say, I prefer the Carnegie Hall concert version and the London Sessions recording of the song more than the original film version. I love to listen to the Oz version when watching the movie or listening to the soundtrack, but when I just want to hear Judy sing the song, I go for some of her later performances of it. They have so much more emotion, and it has a different meaning when Judy sang it later in life than it did when she sang it as a young'un. Hearing her voice, ravaged by time and hardships but still as strong and emotive as ever, singing the lyrics just adds so much more depth than was there when she sang it in '39. (I have a similar love affair with Joni Mitchell's 2000's recording of Both Sides Now. I don't like her original at all, but I LOVE the version that's in Love Actually, because hearing her deeper, time-worn voice singing those lyrics adds so much more depth to the song than was there when she'd recorded it years before. But that's getting off the topic of Judy...)
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