Krissy Cupcake (xo_punkyboho_xo) wrote in always_judy,
Krissy Cupcake

Name::Kristina but you can call me Krissy
AIM Screen Name (Optional)::xo_punkyboho_xo i'm always on.
Age you began to like Judy:: i pretty much always liked her, but recently i like got really obsessed. hehe =]
Favorite Judy Song(s):: The Trolly Song!!Get Happy, I Can't Give You Anything But Love. 
Favorite Judy Movie(s):: In The good Old Summertime, Meet Me In St. Louis.
Favorite “Judy Years”:: umm..idk.
Favorite Judy Co-Star(s):: Mikey Roony. Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Fred Astaire
Judy Movies You Own:: Meet Me In St. Louis, The Wizard Of Oz, In The Good Old Summer Time, The Ziegfeld Girl, The Harvey Girls, A Star is Born, For Me and my Gal, Love Finds Andy Hardy. I have the Judy Garland signature collection.
Other Information:: umm....idk.
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